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Love The Bees is a series of workshops for both Primary and Secondary School students. All workshops target different areas of the curriculum and are sure to create a buzz in the class room. Our fun and interactive sessions increase the students' overall environmental knowledge, while we cover subjects around, STEM, Biodiversity, Food Production and Sustainability.

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Our Biohiversity Bee team consists of Colm Penston, Dermot Fanning, and Yvonne Johnston. Collectively, we have 50 years of beekeeping experience. We are all members of the Ashford Beekeepers Association, NIHBS (Native Irish Honey Bee Society) and we are all nearly finished studying Apiculture at the University of Galway. We have completed The Children First training. We offer 5 different workshops for Primary School students and for Secondary School, we offer a number of workshops and a longer course.

Our mission is to educate the students with a focus on the curriculum and fostering an interest in the natural insects that share our world. The students will gain a greater awareness and knowledge of local biodiversity, and ultimately, we will ensure that the joy of learning is an integral part of their educational experience. 

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