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Access our Digital Bird Brain Book and learn all about Irelands feathered friends

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Enjoy our range

of interactive, educational, videos.

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Play a game of twitching in teams

or as a class!

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Enjoy our selection of Bird sounds, calls and songs. Learn to identify each bird.

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Access our online Bird Brain Book and learn all about Irelands feathered friends


Mini scientists & environmentalists 

Love, for life

Our workshops will teach the students about the fascinating life of a honey bee. They will learn about Ireland's 100 bee species and about our special Native Irish Honey Bee. Our sessions increase the students' overall environmental knowledge while we cover subjects around STEM, Biodiversity, Food Production, Green Schools and Sustainability. 

By participating in some of our workshops, your students will enhance their scientific literacy and start the building blocks of how to be a scientist and carry out field work.  Students will be taught how to collate, interpret and analyse scientific data and then draw a conclusion on their findings and how to communicate it back to their class mates. The best part is, we are going to make it lots of fun. 

Our programme is sure to enhance the natural curiosity children have in nature and help promote their enjoyment and knowledge so that it will have a lasting appreciation for our environment as they grow into adults.

We hope you enjoy the material and become
as passionate about the content as we are.

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