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Partnerships & Collaborations

We’re for the Birds. Mentally and physically! 

Our mission is to help children and communities learn and connect with nature through play.
Lots of play. 

We are looking for like-minded people and companies to help us promote a love and understanding of our local natural environment. Children have a natural inbuilt curiosity in nature and we want to help nourish that interest and support it with knowledge and fun. This will give children, and their families an appreciation of nature and a passion for caring for our environment which we hope will stay with them for life. And we plan on having a lot of fun along the way. 

We will provide full nature programmes in-line with the curriculum aiding teachers and students to have a greater understanding of our environmental heritage. We want Bird Brain to reach every primary student in Ireland and the world! Helping to encourage and aid a generation of young advocates of our natural environment who have the passion to help enhance their local habitats. This will create real sustainable change in attitudes and behaviour for future generations. And, secretly, we are trying to build, a bird nerd herd…. 

With the ever-increasing focus on Environmental, Social and Governance requirements alongside general sustainability expectations within companies all over the world. Bird Brain provides direct benefits to organisations Corporate Social Responsibility objectives while delivering marketing and PR opportunities where desired.

We would love to talk to you about sharing our message and delivering our mission.

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