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How to play

The Twitching Game

What is Twitching?

The Twitching game is a hybrid of the physical game and book used in conjunction

with the online game in the Schools section on


To win, the team needs to be the first
to find their 6 birds, and answer two bird trivia questions correctly. Younger players can skip the trivia questions and just need to find their 6 birds, however with some help from the teacher they can find the answers in the book together to increase the fun and learning.


Split your players into teams
– up to a maximum of 6 teams. 

Each team will need a player sheet
(taken from one of the 6 pads provided)
and a pencil/crayon/marker.

Every player sheet is a different colour and has 6 unique birds associated with each colour.

Playing on screen

There are 36 birds and 14 trivia questions related to the birds.
All cards are ‘face down' to start.

The Bird Brain Book provides all the answers to the questions in the game or see the cheat sheet in below.
The cards will be shuffled and different questions will be uploaded regularly.

How to Play

The first team picks a card 1-50. (We suggest the cards selection screen is projected onto a whiteboard or similar). The teacher or a student clicks on the small blue button/dot on the card with their mouse to turn over the card. 

If the team finds a card that is on their player sheet, they mark it off on their sheet. And the card remains on the screen ‘face up’. If they are not looking for the bird, the card gets turned back over by clicking the alternate blue button.
(The team that is looking for that bird must try and remember what number it is). 

If the team turns over a question, they try to answer it. If they answer it correctly, they mark off one of the questions on their player sheet and leave the card turned face up. If they don’t answer it correctly, it is turned back over by clicking the blue button on the card. 
Each question card has a question mark on it – the colour of the question marks act as a hint and narrows down the answer to 6 birds that are on that colour player sheet. 

It is then the next teams turn. 
The first to find their birds and answer two trivia questions, wins… who are the biggest Bird Brains in your class? 
To restart the game simply refresh the webpage and ensure teams have a clear player sheet. Re-use old ones where appropriate or just get fresh sheets from the pads of player sheets provided. (Don’t worry, all the paper is recycled and will be recycled again!)

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