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Hi, I’m Kiki!

Welcome to Bird Brain! 

We’re for the birds and for talking about all the cool things that birds and wildlife gets up to!

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Come meet the team behind Bird Brain.. we're charming!  

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Register to join our flock.

We want kids to have birds, and all things wildlife on their brain. Our curriculum based content has lots of interactive videos and fun games that will help enhance their love and curiosity for nature.

The Bird Brain shop is worth pecking out..

Do you know which Irish Bird:

Can hear the heartbeat of a mouse scurrying in the grass as she flies high in the sky?


Has super eyesight that makes the urine trail of a mole glow so he can track where it’s  gone and have it for dinner?  


Is so clever that she was once trained to help steal money from a bank machine!  And yes, she lives in your back garden, so you better keep your money box hidden! 

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The Bird Brain team is on a mission to create a herd of bird nerds! Well, they don’t have to be nerds exactly but we want to help children and communities learn and connect with nature through play. We believe this will have a knock-on effect to the care our younger generation have for their gardens,  the wildlife living there, and ultimately our planet.

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Our programme is a curriculum focused, fun educational package for primary schools about Irish Birds and biodiversity.


With the help of our corporate partners, we want to inspire a generation of young advocates of our natural environment who have the knowledge and passion to help enhance their local environment.

This will create a real sustainable change in attitudes and behaviour

for future generations.

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